If you buy the NERF BUNKER Competition Pack, you may make the NERF game your kids play more challenging. Find out what readers thought by reading the review and seeing how we ranked it. The nerf bunker line of products is dedicated to assisting NERF Blaster players in reaching the pinnacle of their sport. Mum in the Know Gemma and her kids were offered the chance to try out the NERF BUNKER Competition Pack provided by Trends UK in exchange for such an honest review. Everyone agreed that this was the situation.

What Comes Inside The Nerf Bunker Competition Pack Box?

You can play several games and take on different tasks with your team with the BUNKER game cards included in the NERF BUNKER Competition Pack. The set also contains four urban-themed obstructions: a road barrier, a stack of tires, a wooden crate, and a barrel full of garbage. The collection also features a garbage can for convenient waste disposal. The barriers must be inflated but come with a suitable three-way valve set. They are also designed with a water base, making them sturdy enough for use in outdoor play.

Experimenting With The Nerf Bunker Battle Set

The NERF BUNKER Competition Set immediately enthralled my children and hubby. Because each NERF BUNKER requires inflation, we brought along an electric inflator and had them all set up in under 30 seconds. Thanks to the water-filled container at the base, they can be used outside without fear of blowing over. Since we would be playing our game indoors, we weren’t going to require that particular function.

What Did We Think Of The Nerf Bunker Competition Set?

The NERF BUNKER Competition Set is a clear example of the latter, as a disappointing addition to an otherwise enjoyable toy. As a parent, I appreciated how simple it was to set up, take down, and store the BUNKERs when they were deflated. First and foremost, NERF BUNKERs are a blast to use in play. They’re an excellent hiding place, the dart holders have inspired the children to begin picking up the darts after themselves, and the fights have kept them interested longer than usual.

Fun Fact!

How well-known are the Nerf BUNKER inflatable obstacles used by the Chelsea FC and Arsenal football teams in the Nerf Ultra Challenge? Professional soccer players, including Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic, and Arsenal’s Edward Nketia, Bukayo Saka, and Kieran Tierney, have been engaging in the ultimate Nerf Battle mainly on the field, using the Nerf BUNKER.


Buying a NERF BUNKER Competition Pack is one way to up the ante on the NERF game your kids play. Due to this, the game can be played at a more advanced level. Learn more about our thought process by checking our ratings and seeing where we placed things on our scale. NERF BUNKER is a line of accessories designed to help NERF Blaster players take their games to the next level. Since Trends UK was kind enough to provide us with a NERF BUNKER Competition Pack, we asked people for their review about it and gathered this information.

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