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Welcome to Frequent Technology

Need to make use of the explosion in mobile devices and data and skyrocketing demand for technology? Frequent Tech builds iOS and Android mobile applications that connect with customers and drive engagement. If you’re thinking about a mobile app and are unsure how to build it, you’ve come to the right place.

Visibility in the stores: Today’s App Stores have become phenomenally valuable places to connect with customers, find customers, and let customers find you. Once your app is in the store, it’s immediately available to 75 million iOS users and 200 million Android users.
Unlimited installation on phones: Once someone downloads your app, it’s there until they take it off and with them wherever they go. You can this connection to communicate, inform, and develop relationships with your customers.

Mobile has now eclipsed TV in terms of depth of engagement. If you want to connect with an astounding number of customers, you need to build for mobile. Let’s get started.




Cover Letter+: Tired of writing cover letters? Your problems are solved! Enter your job details and BOOM, a brand new cover letter! Crisply formatted and ready to go. Written in Swift, available on iOS.
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Fuel Rewards: iOS native application using Objective C and REST services to mobilize Excentus’ FuelRewards program. The program gives discounts via purchases from Shell, restaurants, and grocery stores. Available on iOS and Android.
Excentus Mixed

Analytics Demo: We built an iOS app to help you understand how to track, manage, and convert app users into happy customers. Dial in on your analytics design, identify pain points, and visualize with custom heat maps. Available for iOS.
AnalyticsDemo Mixed

World Car: Fully responsive websites and iOS and Android applications for World Car. These apps let customers quickly call the company, find a nearby dealership, calculate monthly payment, or live chat with an associate, all within a single point of contact on the phone. Available on iOS and Android.
WC Mixed2

Sometimes: You may have heard the phenomenon of private messaging apps. Frequent Tech started building an app called Sometimes and as luck would have it, it struck upon a very popular trend. Sometimes is a private messaging app that makes funny statements. Enter in a Sometimes statement, browse other statements, rate, or share with friends. Available on iOS and Android.
Sometimes Mixed

Cover Letter Creator: Ever written a cover letter, then had to save it, update it, store it, and keep track of versions? Not so with Cover Letter Creator. Cover Letter Creator builds a crisp cover letter for you customized to you, entirely on mobile for iOS and Android.
CLC Mixed

Recruiting Tracker: A data-driven recruiting tracker hosted on Azure cloud. It keeps track of all of the essential data: company, position, email address, phone number, notes, and is always updated and accessible from anywhere.
Recruiting Mixed



We provide comprehensive analytics consulting for mobile so you can see where users are going, what they are clicking on, if they get lost, or certain design frameworks that are particularly effective. For a client we will:

  • Create a customized set of events to track activity within the app
  • Provide a parameter grid to pair each event with the set of parameters and values to send
  • Advise or implement the complete set of events within the mobile dev environment
  • Build and customize the analytics dashboard with tabs, filters, and an organized presentation
  • Walk through an analysis of the data and give examples of takeaways specific to this app

Sample UI Data Analysis6Sample UI Data Analysis4Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 4.06.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 4.07.03 PM




Frequent Technology builds mobile applications and websites for businesses and people of all kinds. Putting to use deep knowledge and experience in Visual Studio, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SQL Server, Java, and even cross-platform tools like Xamarin means you get business results fast. Click on Products for recent tangibles.

Frequent Tech’s intention is to build a crisp mobile application and/or responsive site for you that works on iOS and Android phones. You’re billed hourly, the application or site is hosted for you, and you’ll be given stats and data that inform you of performance. With Frequent Technology your life becomes easy.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased with product outcomes. Head over to Contact to get started.


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